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Sunrise for renewables in Southern Africa

For the past 9 years things have been a bit challenging in South Africa as we have had a government which has been captured by a few greedy individuals. This has unfortunately lead to large scale corruption and in turn a very negative business environment.

This corruption has been most evident in our countries State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) , the main ones affected are Eskom , South African Airways , SASOL and PRASA. We have seen the looting of the State coffers in the tens of billions of Rands in each of these companies. The result of all this mismanagement has been a negative effect on our economy as well as the loss of jobs, this has been disastrous.

However as a result of our difficult past all South Africans know that nothing worthwhile is easy and that in the end justice and righteousness will always prevail.  We have a local Afrikaans saying that we use when things seem to be at their worst “deur teespoed kom krag” this means “through adversity comes strength”.

The good news is that our local politicians have finally started to take the people seriously. This week we have removed our corrupt President and have arrested some of the most corrupt individuals in South Africa, including the son of the former President.

We have elected a new President through Parliament , Cyril Ramaphosa , he has already removed the Board of Directors at Eskom and put an end to the Russian Nuclear deal. This is the same deal which has brought a stop to Renewable development in South Africa.

He has forced Eskom to sign all outstanding contracts with the Independent Power Producers and has  indicated that the way forward for Sub Saharan Africa is with Renewable Energy.

The new President was also very active in the mining sector in Southern Africa , we  expect some major shake ups in this sector which would lead to  job creation , this in turn will help get our once strong economy back on its feet.

For WINDHUNTER Africa and our partner Alkitronic these are positive step as we expect an influx of new wind measurement projects, the construction of Wind Farms with the generation capacity of more than 1000 MW within the next 2 years as well as a boom in the mining sector.

It has only been 1 week but the amount of positive spin we are  getting from our customers means that things for the next few years in Southern Africa will be positive. 

In Africa sometime the wheel turn a bit slower and bit more deliberate but they do turn. Everything worthwhile is worth waiting for.